Yehudah Cummings – Online CV



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I am a highly motivated, personable but very ambitious individual, who enjoys interacting with people. I possess a combination of IT expertise, both hardware and software-related, an expressive personality and a commitment to excellence in everything I do and the resolve to get the job done.     



2014 – Current:           Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management – Expected Grade 2:1

Units completed during first year:

Consumer Behaviour and Culture – By concentrating on models of consumer motivation and perception, I conducted market research as part of a ‘live’ task for The National Lottery. I was privileged to be chosen as one of three groups to give over my presentation to company executives from the prolific organisation.

Principles of Marketing – Engaging with consumer behaviour theory and the marketing mix concept, I conducted an extensive critical analysis of the Adidas brand – I received an ‘outstanding’ grade (80%) for this assignment.

Advertising Management – Utilising marketing communication knowledge garnered from my first year studies, I collaborated in producing a 30-second video advert.

Digital Media and Marketing Platforms – During this unit, I began to appreciate the potential between technology and marketing. In collaboration with a group, I set up a virtual agency called ZenithAdz, with the focal application being a blog website (hosted on WordPress).

2012 – 14:       Bury College

BTEC Extended Diploma for IT – Creative: Final Grade: Triple Distinction (Equivalent: 420 UCAS Points) This involved 16 units, featuring database design, computer animation, digital graphics, spreadsheet modelling and client-side customisation of webpages.

2005 – 11:          Manchester Mesivta; 8 GCSEs (A-C) including Maths, English and ICT.



2011:  Wholesale Grocers Prestwich, Retail Assistant

I gained insights into the challenges and pressures of the commercial world when employed at a successful perishable food operation.

2012:  Haber’s World: Stocktaking

I extended my work experience by being deployed in the varied stocktaking activities of a large delicatessen.

2013:  Copes Cash Carry: Logistics

In this role, I was given more responsibility as the business was undergoing a move to new premises.

2014:  Bargain Max Ltd: Processing Orders

As an online distributor I was given my first exposure to digital marketing.

2015:  Quality Matters in the Laboratory Limited (QML): Advisor

I was employed to advise on branding and marketing for my father’s newly developed consultancy business.                                                                                                   


2011-12: Attended a postgraduate college for advanced religious studies in Jerusalem, Israel.    



Together with my academic qualifications and experience in the work place, I would like to add 4 complementary skill sets.

  1. Analytical and Organisational skills: my avid interest in science, philosophy and religion has taught me to question, probe and challenge. Therefore, I believe I offer both good analytical skills and the clear thinking required for successful organisation of tasks.
  1. Good Team Player and Leadership Qualities: I thrive working in a group context and positively relish the opportunity for social and intellectual interactions, but am equally at home working independently.
  1. Communication and Writing Skills. Combining analytical skills and clear thinking, has helped me develop confidence to freely communicate my ideas and opinions in front of an audience or succinctly in writing.
  1. Creative and Artistic Skills. College helped nurture my creative disposition and that attracted me to branding and advertising.                                                                               



I love playing sports, particularly football and tennis and help organise a 5-aside match on a weekly-basis.  Reading both fiction and non-fiction is also one of my favourite pastimes. I strongly enjoy many aspects of technology and my personal favourite is the Technology Entertainment and Design online videos (TED talks).  Also, I browse various platforms of social media, helping to keep up-to-date in the rapid, dynamic and evolving digital domain.



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