Website Design


bob marley website crop

During my ‘client-side customisation of web pages’ unit at college, I was tasked to design and create a website (front page).

As a fan of reggae music, I decided to centre my web page around the inimitable life of Bob Marley.

To formulate my website I utilised Adobe Dreamweaver. I implemented CSS and a scripting language in the development of my page . These processes embody some of the most complex functions capable by online media. I applied these utilities in a much more fundamental capacity, for example: setting the page’s overall size, creating configured lists and positioning each element consistently.

The image above exhibits the completed creation.

I received a distinction in this unit.


LinkedIn: Yehudah Cummings

Twitter: Yehudah Cummings

Facebook: Yehudah Cummings

Click to view my CV.


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