Digital Animation – 1 Minute Clip


background -home - 1Latterly, in my ‘computer animation’ unit (view the timeline I created earlier in the course) I was tasked to design and implement a piece of digital animation.

This was to last 1-2 minutes long, was to be themed around fantasy and mythology and was required to have a design brief and storyboard to evidence my creative process.

Initially, I drew up an extravagant tale about a young Cyclops who enjoyed playing darts but was sad because he had bad eyesight and so missed the board, meaning he had to seek some glasses. He travelled to Earl the Owl’s Eye Emporium, the most reputable optician in town and purchased his unique one-lensed glasses. When he returned to his dart board, he didn’t miss a shot and was very happy with his new spectacles.

Admittedly, I was naïve in believing I could create this rather ambitious film given this was my first time using the specialist computer software. I had to sacrifice much of the story in lieu of creating a relatively professional looking animation in the time frame enforced.

I designed my backgrounds and character primarily using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I constructed the animation in Adobe Flash, employing a 12 frame per second ratio for the video.

In reflection, I would have preferred to produce a more creative and imaginative animation but given the circumstance and the meticulous effort exerted in ‘sketching’ each element from nothing, I am pleased with my creation – click on the image above or follow this link: A Cyclops Called Calvin.


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