Digital Animation – 20 Second Clip


bird thumbFor the second piece of animation, in my ‘computer animation’ unit (view first video) I was given a short 15 second sound clip and was asked to invent, imagine and design a scenario that fitted the audio elements in the clip.

My gut instinct jumped to some animal knocking on wood, then eating and munching food and finally a loud noise goes off to startle this animal from finishing their meal.

My tutor instructed me to hand-draw initial ideas and inspirations for the animation, as well as storyboards. As I’m sure you can tell, I am no artist, I don’t draw very often, however, I do enjoy the past-time and so have decided to include a few of my rough sketchesbird animation sketch from book2

Latterly, I designed my background and character predominantly using Adobe Illustrator. I constructed the animation in Adobe Flash, employing a 12 frame per second ratio for the video.

Click on the first image in this post to view the finished animation or follow this link.


LinkedIn: Yehudah Cummings

Twitter: Yehudah Cummings

Facebook: Yehudah Cummings


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