Principles of Marketing: An Evaluation of Adidas


front cover editMy first assignment for the unit entitled Principles of Marketing involved analysing and evaluating a product, service or organisation. I was granted the freedom to choose my preferred brand. I decided upon Adidas as the brand I was going to analyse.

My choice was influenced by my passion towards football. Consideration regarding how much relevant data and information was available to me from various external sources was also a significant factor when choosing my brand.

There was two key elements to my report. The first involved using consumer behaviour theory, in order to describe how Adidas attracts and retains consumers. Additionally, I conducted an extensive analysis of Adidas’ marketing mix, using theory to delve into the usual suspects of product, price, place and promotion.

My report was backed up with evidence structured using Harvard’s reference system.

I received 80% for this piece of work, a grade I was extremely proud to achieve during my first year at university.

I have attached a sample from the report, click on the link to view: Principles of Marketing – Adidas


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