The Responsible Marketer – Ethics & Professional Development: A Reflective Essay


BusinessEthics003In the Responsible Marketer unit of my university degree, I gained my first experience of ethics from a business perspective.

My first task was to compose a reflective essay, this involved considerable self-analysis and discovery. I delved into my own personal ethical values, relating them to figurehead philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and the archaic Aristotle.

In addition, twice a year, for an entire week my university hosts a variety of interactive workshops designed to broaden one’s skills and attributes in a scheme it calls professional development week. This week was the secondary focus of my essay.

Reflecting on what you have already learnt, what you are good at and what you still need to learn in order to become well-rounded professional was a humbling but greatly beneficial experience.

I especially enjoyed writing in an essay format, in contrast to the more regimented report structure, it was a welcome freedom to produce a more personal creation.

Finally, this assignment marks my first time applying reflective thinking as an academic practice. As I have repeated this style of analysis and writing in subsequent tasks, I have become to increasingly realise how valuable the process is for mindfulness, introspection and overall growth as a human being. Ultimately, this appreciation influenced the start of my blog.

I received a first in this assignment.

Click on the link to view an excerpt from my essay: Ethics & Professional Development


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