Digital Media and Marketing Platforms: “The Digital Agency Project”


captureThe first assignment in this unit involved an interactive venture which gave me my first taste of what it would be like working at a marketing agency.

This assignment was a group task which made the project all the more engaging. Each team member was to choose their own specifically-defined role in the agency. If you’ve explored the rest of my blog you wont be surprised that I wasted no time in choosing the role of creative director for myself. The group decided upon the name Zenith Advertising for our agency.

The team was to produce two appraisals relating to the wide variety of services available on an array of digital platforms.

My partner and I focused upon mobile marketing strategies, highlighting opportunities (and some pitfalls) with technologies such as near field communication, proximity marketing using wireless, app development and QR codes. (Click on the image above to be taken to the blog post.)

Along with the more formal appraisals, the team utilised the blog in a typical fashion by showcasing external creations, commenting on current events and posting other pieces of research.

Overall, working in a flexible collaborative manner enabled a much more enjoyable creative approach to something which at first glance sounded quite dry – writing an appraisal. The freedom to brainstorm, design and create a blog website while researching the unit’s topics offered a dynamic and multi-faceted learning experience.

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