Consumer Behaviour & Culture – The National Lottery Award



This post marks the first piece of work from the second year of my Advertising and Brand Management honours degree. The focus moved away from generalised marketing theory to more specific advertising and branding perspectives during my second year. Additionally, rather than simply regurgitating theory, the tasks demanded more practical application of concepts.

This shift is ideally represented in the assignment I am showcasing today. In what was referred to as a ‘live’ brief, I was tasked to aid The National Lottery in its attempt to engage young adults (16-24 year olds) in order to encourage participation of the bi-weekly lotto.

Myself and a partner conducted primary research, consisting of both an online questionnaire and a focus group, drawing upon theories of brand personality and values to try and establish what The National Lottery could do differently to increase involvement of young adults. We revealed our results in a 15 minute presentation.

An added incentive for this assignment revolved around a partnership MMU has with The National Lottery, where representatives of the company were to generously come to the University to listen to the top 3 presentations.

My partner and I were gratefully awarded to be one of the 3. The experience to present our humble findings to industry professionals was exhilarating. Insights drawn from the executives were very beneficial. Overall, the opportunity offered me invaluable experience, which I am extremely proud and thankful to have gained so early into my career.

Below is a letter I received from Nick Bonney, Head of Insight at The National Lottery, confirming the award.



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