Advertising Management: Creating and Starring in a 30-Second Advert


videoFor the first assignment of my 2nd year Advertising Management unit, as part of a team, I was tasked to create and star in a 30-second video advert. This was to raise awareness of MetMUnch, a student-led group that promotes eating SMART: Sustainable, Multi-cultural, Affordable, Realistic and Tasty. The ad was to be constructed in accord of one of five creative briefs. My group chose the Sport brief, it went as follows:

Brief Two – MMU Sport

  • Using natural connections between Sport and MetMUnch (nutrition, healthy eating) to devise cross-polination marketing opportunities between the two
  • Audience: All students (not necessarily those already interested or involved in sport), encouraging active, healthy lifestyle choices
  • Looking for content for social that can be shared and retweeted by @MMUSport and @MetMUnch, e.g. Twitter / Instagram friendly pics; punchy text images in style of below. Stuff that will make people stop scrolling through their feed and take notice!

The ad was uploaded to YouTube, it can be viewed here. For each of the five creative briefs, one winner was chosen. My group was privileged to be chosen winners for the Sport brief category.

This highly practical assignment was very enjoyable to take part in. Brainstorming ideas, making these ideas come to life and starring in the video, all in a team environment with a bunch of friends was a true highlight of the year. Winning the award put the icing on the cake.


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