Advertising Management: Poster – 74%


poster-official-16- completedFollowing on from the first assignment in this unit, the 30-second video advert for Met Munch, in relation to the Sport brief. The second task involved two parts. The first, was to evaluate the advert. This warranted for a piece of primary research to be conducted. Students from MMU were interviewed regarding the effectiveness of the advertisement in terms of target audience, creativity, audience reach, resonance to society/target audience, message and brand. I showcased my findings in a presentation. For task two, I created a poster that addressed the issues identified from the key research outcomes.

Key findings were:

  • Make ‘fun’ and ‘sustainable’ qualities more prevalent in the poster.
  • Include female characters in the poster.
  • More emphasise on humour from – fonts, colours & characters.
  • More emphasise on tone of voice to inspire students.
  • More food featured on the poster.

I created the poster using Adobe Photoshop. As I created the poster from scratch, I was to demonstrate my semiotic thinking behind the design of the poster. Semiotics was one of my favourite topics from first year, which meant I found engaging in this practice very enjoyable. Here is a brief overview, regarding making the quality of ‘fun’ stand out more, I brainstormed, when do we have the most fun eating food? Obviously, when we were all infants. The menus on the table diverge from the infant characters. The mortar boards relate to the target audience of students and contrast to the young boy’s hat on the far right. The tone of voice regarding ‘level up’ was to further engage with the target audience. The colour scheme reflected the ‘sustainable’ quality of Met Munch. The hashtag was to inspire all genders.

This assignment wrapped up one of my favourite units of second year. Conducting primary research for the video advert and then formulating a poster based on the findings was a highly practical and valuable task. It gave me an experience of what it may be like in the advertising industry. Engaging with one of my favourite concepts, semiotics, in creation of an original poster was extremely rewarding. I am very proud of this work and was grateful to receive a first in this assignment.


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