Strategic Communications & Advertising Planning: Part 1 – Report – 90%



This post is the first piece of work from the third year of my degree. This year, the tasks primarily focussed on applying theory in relation to a firm and its particular scenario. This assignment had two parts, an individual report and a group presentation.

My team and I decided upon Volkswagen (VW), as the task warranted a company that was in need of refocusing or refreshment. The report involved a situation analysis of VW, examining: the customer context, the business context, the internal context and the external context. It heavily concentrated on VW’s emissions scandal of 2015.

Using stakeholder analysis, PESTLE, SWOT and in-depth market and consumer analysis facilitated by Mintel, I was able to prioritise four key issues VW faced and identify SMART marketing communications objectives justly addressing the problems.

A difficulty I initially found with this task involved diluting down the vast amount of data I gathered. The report had a 10-page limit, meaning by no means could all the data be included. With performing numerous situation analyses in my other units, I became more experienced at this practice of narrowing down, while attaining the ‘bigger picture’. Being able to find data, analyse it in its entirety and then pick out the valuable bits of information in order to create an informed prioritised plan of action, is a skill I believe to have progressively developed during third year.

I received 90% for this assignment, a grade I’m extremely proud to receive and did not expect to ever achieve at university. Please use the email below to view a sample of the report.


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