Marketing Communications Theory and Practice


picture1For this unit, an open-book exam comprised 50% of the overall unit grade. An approach I welcomed, as the eradication of guesswork allowed for a much more focused learning experience.

The first question involved a semiotic analysis of a poster by Whiskas cat food (image above.)

I was to consider all elements in order to extract and interpret what messages the advertisers were trying to convey to their audience.

Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of semiotics provided the framework by which I could highlight the key symbolism, while justifying these points in relation to Whiskas’ brand, product and market development.

The open-book nature enabled myself to essentially write up the piece prior to the exam. Click on the image above or follow this link to view a sample from my answer. I received a first in this exam.

From a creative perspective, I greatly enjoyed the subject of semiotics. As Alastair Crompton impressed upon me in his book ‘The Craft of Copywriting’, the question why? is of paramount importance in marketing.

I believe the level of analysis applied in this task, along with arduous attention to detail have granted me invaluable skills toward my professional development.


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