Corporate Reputation Management: Report – 85%



This assignment asked myself and a partner to create a report with the plans for a corporate communication campaign designed to enhance corporate reputation. Like previous assignments, we were given the freedom to choose our own firm to examine and were tasked with conducting a situation analysis. However, the analysis was much shorter, just four pages long, meaning it had to be prioritised much more rigidly than the ten-page VW analysis. We chose to study Kellogg’s, which presented unique challenges that had to be overcome.

My partner and I used the analysis to decide on one issue to focus our communication campaign on. We proposed six SMART objectives: three business-orientated and three communications and created a campaign message. Using Mitchel et al. (1997) framework, we conducted in-depth stakeholder analysis, which enabled our target publics to be accurately and justly determined. We focused on consumers, media and shareholders.

For consumers we proposed three initiatives:

  • An interactive sporting event at England’s first game of the 6 Nations, themed around the 1990s hit UK TV show Gladiators.
  • A social media competition in partnership with FitBit: #BeatTheBadges.
  • Local community development in collaboration with the This Girl Can sports-orientated initiative.

Our activities strategically targeted the consumer behaviour trends identified from the situation analysis, while staying inline with Kellogg’s corporate image, enabling the enhancement of its reputation.

We used a variety of media tools to communicate with our target publics:

  • A national media press conference
  • A host of press releases, including: national, local, specialist and social media.
  • A press day at the Manchester Factory
  • Bloggers and other online influencers.

The media channel complimented the activity it attached to, such as social media press releases for the Fitbit competition, in order to create a streamlined integrated campaign.

This assignment presented unique challenges and in overcoming, I believe to have learnt more about the process of analysing a company’s situation and weighing up the most important aspects to take action upon. When we discovered Kellogg’s impressive reputation, my partner and I rationalised, the ideal action did not lie with outlandish PR stunts but rather with engaging activities that compliment the brand and help bolster its reputation.

We approached with a considerable amount of respect towards Kellogg’s, being mindful of conserving its reputation over other more extreme tactics. This assignment impressed upon me, that just because the task gives unbridled freedom to choose any communication tactics, there are some instances where erring on the side of caution is the most favourable strategy for sustaining reputation and long-term success.

My partner and I received 85% for this task, a grade I’m very proud of, given the obstacles we overcame.


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Strategic Communications & Advertising Planning: Part 2 – Poster Pitch – 78%



Following on from the situation analysis undertaken in Part 1, my team and I were then tasked to brainstorm a campaign in order to attain one of the suggested marketing communication objectives. We showcased our ideas in a 10-minute pitch, facilitated by an A0 poster, designed collaboratively using Adobe Photoshop.

We focussed on the Golf GTE, hybrid/electric car and utilised the car-purchasing-journey, adapted from Mintel, as a framework for our pull/profile strategy. SEO and a TV ad were strategically applied for the ‘initial search’ stage. We dreamt up a promotional event, VW Volt, intended to engage with the public and inform of VW’s commitment to sustainability. To aid potential customers’ ‘choice evaluation’ a partnership with Zipcar was tactically proposed, allowing the public to test-drive VW cars, encourage purchasing and ultimately, achieve return-on-investment. We divulged a budget and schedule for the campaign by way of a Gantt chart.

It was empowering to have the freedom to innovate my own extensive campaign on this assignment. Working as group of five, bouncing ideas off each other, while using the car-purchasing-journey as a guideline, made producing this comprehensive campaign seamless, fun, and creatively satisfying. The tricky part was keeping our presentation down to just 10 minutes long. However, practice helped achieved this and my previous experience with pitching helped the delivery to be confident and precise.

My team and I received 78% for the second part of this assignment, giving myself an overall average unit grade of 84%.


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Strategic Communications & Advertising Planning: Part 1 – Report – 90%



This post is the first piece of work from the third year of my degree. This year, the tasks primarily focussed on applying theory in relation to a firm and its particular scenario. This assignment had two parts, an individual report and a group presentation.

My team and I decided upon Volkswagen (VW), as the task warranted a company that was in need of refocusing or refreshment. The report involved a situation analysis of VW, examining: the customer context, the business context, the internal context and the external context. It heavily concentrated on VW’s emissions scandal of 2015.

Using stakeholder analysis, PESTLE, SWOT and in-depth market and consumer analysis facilitated by Mintel, I was able to prioritise four key issues VW faced and identify SMART marketing communications objectives justly addressing the problems.

A difficulty I initially found with this task involved diluting down the vast amount of data I gathered. The report had a 10-page limit, meaning by no means could all the data be included. With performing numerous situation analyses in my other units, I became more experienced at this practice of narrowing down, while attaining the ‘bigger picture’. Being able to find data, analyse it in its entirety and then pick out the valuable bits of information in order to create an informed prioritised plan of action, is a skill I believe to have progressively developed during third year.

I received 90% for this assignment, a grade I’m extremely proud to receive and did not expect to ever achieve at university. Please use the email below to view a sample of the report.


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Yehudah Cummings – Online CV



E-mail address:


I am a highly motivated, personable but very ambitious individual, who enjoys interacting with people. I possess a combination of IT expertise, both hardware and software-related, an expressive personality and a commitment to excellence in everything I do and the resolve to get the job done.     



2014 – Current:           Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management – Expected Grade 2:1

Units completed during first year:

Consumer Behaviour and Culture – By concentrating on models of consumer motivation and perception, I conducted market research as part of a ‘live’ task for The National Lottery. I was privileged to be chosen as one of three groups to give over my presentation to company executives from the prolific organisation.

Principles of Marketing – Engaging with consumer behaviour theory and the marketing mix concept, I conducted an extensive critical analysis of the Adidas brand – I received an ‘outstanding’ grade (80%) for this assignment.

Advertising Management – Utilising marketing communication knowledge garnered from my first year studies, I collaborated in producing a 30-second video advert.

Digital Media and Marketing Platforms – During this unit, I began to appreciate the potential between technology and marketing. In collaboration with a group, I set up a virtual agency called ZenithAdz, with the focal application being a blog website (hosted on WordPress).

2012 – 14:       Bury College

BTEC Extended Diploma for IT – Creative: Final Grade: Triple Distinction (Equivalent: 420 UCAS Points) This involved 16 units, featuring database design, computer animation, digital graphics, spreadsheet modelling and client-side customisation of webpages.

2005 – 11:          Manchester Mesivta; 8 GCSEs (A-C) including Maths, English and ICT.



2011:  Wholesale Grocers Prestwich, Retail Assistant

I gained insights into the challenges and pressures of the commercial world when employed at a successful perishable food operation.

2012:  Haber’s World: Stocktaking

I extended my work experience by being deployed in the varied stocktaking activities of a large delicatessen.

2013:  Copes Cash Carry: Logistics

In this role, I was given more responsibility as the business was undergoing a move to new premises.

2014:  Bargain Max Ltd: Processing Orders

As an online distributor I was given my first exposure to digital marketing.

2015:  Quality Matters in the Laboratory Limited (QML): Advisor

I was employed to advise on branding and marketing for my father’s newly developed consultancy business.                                                                                                   


2011-12: Attended a postgraduate college for advanced religious studies in Jerusalem, Israel.    



Together with my academic qualifications and experience in the work place, I would like to add 4 complementary skill sets.

  1. Analytical and Organisational skills: my avid interest in science, philosophy and religion has taught me to question, probe and challenge. Therefore, I believe I offer both good analytical skills and the clear thinking required for successful organisation of tasks.
  1. Good Team Player and Leadership Qualities: I thrive working in a group context and positively relish the opportunity for social and intellectual interactions, but am equally at home working independently.
  1. Communication and Writing Skills. Combining analytical skills and clear thinking, has helped me develop confidence to freely communicate my ideas and opinions in front of an audience or succinctly in writing.
  1. Creative and Artistic Skills. College helped nurture my creative disposition and that attracted me to branding and advertising.                                                                               



I love playing sports, particularly football and tennis and help organise a 5-aside match on a weekly-basis.  Reading both fiction and non-fiction is also one of my favourite pastimes. I strongly enjoy many aspects of technology and my personal favourite is the Technology Entertainment and Design online videos (TED talks).  Also, I browse various platforms of social media, helping to keep up-to-date in the rapid, dynamic and evolving digital domain.